Empty cartridges for protein isolation

Productnummer: RFV057 155,61

Empty columns for protein isolation by pressure chromatography.

Chemically stabile and versatile. In case longer column beds are needed, 2 or 3 cartridges may be interconnected using the Luer adapter (RFV056 optie 3, 10-32, male/female luer connector), resulting in a matrix of up to 10 cm. Compatible with common chromatography instruments like ÄKTATMFPLCTM.

Column material: Polypropylene, Material column frit: Polyethylene.

Delivery includes empty cartridges plus end plugs. For storage of packed cartridges, column plugs (RFV056 optie 2) have to be used. Please order separately.


Technical specifications:

Product Figure Volume* Inner ⌀ Frit pore size Chromatography by
Empty cartridges 1 ml 6,2 mm 12 µm Pressure


* The actual filling volume depends on the respective resin used, varying between approx. 1 and 1.3 ml.



Optie Product Foto Verp. (stuks)
1 Empty cartridges 5
2 Column plugs 10
3 Luer adapter 1