Productnummer: RFV017 12,48

for microscopy
Aqueous cover slip sealant.
Melt on a water bath (50-55 °C) prior to use.

Dichtheid 1,02 
Melting range45 °C


  • Non-hazardous ingredients
  • Solvent-free
  • Solidification by light

Roti®-Seal is used to seal the edges of the coverslip. Therefore, it protects the mounted specimen reliably against damages caused by air humidity. Roti®-Seal is solid at room temperature. Prior to use it is melted on a water bath (max. 50-55 °C), then it is applied around the edges of the coverslip by using a pipette or a glass rod. Exposure to light (day-light is sufficient) allows the sealant to harden within a short time.

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1 20 ml glass