Phytohistol® plus

Productnummer: RFV016 22,76

for microscopy
Botanical mounting medium based on sugar
Application: Drop on slide, add specimen. When free from air bubbles place cover slip. 

Dichtheid 1,11 


  • New compound
  • High stability
  • No hazardous ingredients


Phytohistol® plus is an aqueous mounting medium based on sugar with the consistency of liquid honey. It is especially suitable for plant materials. After evaporation of the water a rubber-like film remains. For producing durable specimens we recommend to seal the edges of the cover slip with our Roti®-Seal cover slip sealant (Art. No. RFV017).

Shelf life: 
The solution contains a preserving agent and is stable for minimum 4 years after manufacture.

Optie Verp Verpakking
1 15 ml dropp. bottle
2 50 ml plastic