Mount Aqua

Productnummer: RFV014 23,22

for microscopy
Aqueous mounting medium

Dichtheid 1,05-1,18 

Mount Aqua is an aqueous solution of polyacrylate resin used for mounting of paraffin sections and cryostat sections directly after staining. The solution is ready to use. Colours and tissue structures are preserved in an optimal way. For long-term preserving of fluorescent dyes we recommend Mount FluorCare (Art. No. RFV013 optie 1 ).


Residues of staining solution are removed by rinsing with buffer or destilled water. Afterwards the specimens are mounted with Mount Aqua.


Store at +4 °C in the dark. Shelf life: minimum 2 year.


Optie Verp Verpakking
1 15 ml dropp. bottle
2 50 ml glass