Kaiser's glycerol gelatine phenol-free

Productnummer: KGSPF82 18,57

for microscopy
Aqueous mounting medium

Density (D) 1,02 

  • Non-hazardous ingredients
  • Neutral pH (6-7)
  • Convenient also for sensitive stainings

It is an aqueous mounting medium which is solid at room temperature. Composition and application are according to the classical Kaiser's glycerol gelatine; however, it does not contain phenol. The added preserving agent is classified as non-hazardous. The pH value of the product is 6-7. Therefore, it is suitable also for stainings which are sensitive against acids (e.g. hematoxylin). Prior to use the glycerol gelatine is melted on a water bath (max. 50-55 °C) and then dropped onto the slide by using a pipette or a glass rod.