Roti®lyte pH 5-6

Productnummer: WQA023 240,97

40 % solution in water, sterile filtered (0,2 µm)
Carrier ampholytes for isoelectric focussing (IEF).
Added in 3-5 % working concentration to acrylamide- or agarose gel solution.

Transporttemp.: room temp.

  • Reliable formation of a finely graded linear pH gradient
  • Sharp band resolution due to high buffer capacity at pI
  • High conductivity, no overheating of the gel
  • Short staining- and destaining periods
  • Compatible with all standard staining methods

Roti®lyte carrier ampholytes consist of a diverse mixture of sterile filtered hydrous polyamino-polysulfone-polycarboxylic acids. Due to the multitude of isoelectric points (pIs) present, those amphoteric molecules form a very finely graded, linear pH gradient in the electric field, hence making them particularly suitable for isoelectric focusing (IEF).

Roti®lyte carrier ampholytes excel by their high buffer capacity and conductivity, leading to excellent band definition. Even proteins differing by just 0.01 pH units may be discriminated efficiently. Due to their low molecular weight of 1000 Da in maximum, the ampholytes disperse quickly in the gel, therefore guaranteeing an even distribution of sample proteins during IEF. Since there is virtually no unspecific binding of dyes, no background staining happens, and Roti®lyte ampholytes are perfectly compatible with all standard staining methods. They are well soluble in trichloroacetic acid, and may easily be removed from the gel during subsequent fixation.

Figure: pH range 3-10, gel thickness 350 µm
Lanes 1, 2, 5, 6: Potato extracts (10 µl)
Lanes 3, 4: Protein standard (10 µl)

Store unopened bottles at +4 °C. Opened bottles should be aliquoted and stored at -20 °C. Avoid frequent freeze and thaw cycles.

Optie Pack Qty. Packaging
1 10 ml glass
2 25 ml glass