Coenzyme Q 10

Productnummer: 303-98-0 71,23

Synonyms : Ubiquinone 50

IUPAC name : 

CAS : 303-98-0

Linear formula : C59H90O4

Molecular weight : 863,37 g/mol

Density : 

Boiling point : 

Melting point : 49-51 °C


EG- number : 206-147-9

UN :

Ubiquinones represent a vital component in electron transport of the mitochondrial respiratory chain (hydrogen/electron and oxygen carriers).
They, therefore, are almost ubiquitously distributed through the species, with the only exclusion of gram positive bacteria and cyanobacteria.
Coenzyme Q functions as electron carrier between flavoproteins and
cytochrome molecules of the respiratory chain.
Well soluble in organic solvents (e. g. acetone, diethyl ether, chloroform)
and fats. Virtually insoluble in water.


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1 25 mg glass